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International prestige is credited to a number of Bulgarian music festivals. The Sofia Music Weeks and the March Music Days further their traditions as centres of high performing art.

The traditional New Year’s Music Festival in Sofia, established by the much talented but early deceased conductor Emil Tchakarov, is held annually.

A number of concerts are organised also of popular Bulgarian orchestras and ensembles, pop, rock, and jazz performers.

Every large town in Bulgaria has an operatic and philharmonic company engaging in concert activities. The most popular and well established music festivals in Bulgaria of international renown are:
Music Weeks in Sofia.
Summer Festival in Varna
Verdi’s Festival in Plovdiv.
International Festival for contemporary music in Sofia, Muzika Nova;
International jazz festivals - Sofia, Rousse, Bansko;
International pop song festival, Golden Orpheus; Slantchev Bryag (Sunny beach)
International festival, Laureate’s Days Pleven, Katya Popova;
New Year’s music festival at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia.

Mineral Springs for Health.

The abundant mineral water resources rank Bulgaria among the leading countries of the world in terms of balneology. The curative properties of mineral water have been known since ancient times. The millennia could not erase the traces of once flourishing spa towns built around mineral springs, of which we have the evidence of numerous archaeological remains from the Thracian, and especially from the Roman era. Examples are the ancient towns of Serdica (Sofia), Augusta (Hissar), Pautalia (Kiustendil) and many others.

There are a lot of reasons for this historical continuity of water cure in Bulgaria. Above all, the country has a great number of mineral springs with diverse physic-chemical composition (more than 800), grouped in some 250 mineral water sources according to the places of origin. Their mineral composition includes almost all ingredients that are present in mineral waters elsewhere. Their temperature also varies greatly (from cold to over 101 C).

Location adds to the advantage of Bulgarian mineral springs; usually they are to be found in ecologically pure resort areas, situated in beautiful natural surroundings, with mild climate. For spas, it is particularly important to have a synergy between the balneological and climatic factors. Prominent examples are the resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, in the Rhodopes, Rila and Pirin mountain ranges, along the Strouma River, and many more. Part of the balneo centers meet international standards.

Currently, Bulgaria is building new facilities, and is renovating existing ones, in order to ensure full-scale modern balneo therapy and prophylaxis. The spas employ highly qualified medical staff.

The ever-decreasing fresh water supply in the world, coupled with the deteriorating ecological conditions and possible pollution of open water basins, have led to growing interest in bottled “table” mineral waters. Bulgarian mineral waters are now in the position to compete with world-known bottled mineral waters.

During the recent years, Bulgarian mineral waters have been widely used in balneo-medical tourism (BMT), being an offshoot of health tourism.

It is well known that prophylaxis is conducted mainly with the use of natural factors. Therefore, balneo-medical tourism, as part of health tourism, will steadily move from medical treatment and rehabilitation to recreation and physical fitness. It will help eliminate the effects of modern lifestyle more fully and rapidly – the so-called “diseases of modern civilization”. This will involve searching for ways and forms of prophylaxis and treatment of these diseases. In this respect, balneo tourism is ideal. The stream of tourists choosing BMT will separate in four major groups:
1. Tourists seeking recreation and physical fitness;
2. Tourists participating in prophylaxis and rehab programs;
3. Tourists participating in medical treatment and rehab holidays;
4. Tourists – sportsmen visiting spas for training before or after sports competitions, as well as for staying in good physical shape.

Bulgaria is rich in mineral springs that vary greatly in physicochemical composition; the country has gathered considerable scientific and practical experience in the treatment and prophylaxis of a wide range of diseases. There are great perspectives for the development of BMT, the bottling industry, manufacture of bioproducts etc


The game enterprise in Bulgaria is presented by 22,500 red deer, 4,900 fallow deer, 78,000 row deer, 2,100 chamois, 2,500 mouflons, over 37,500 boars, over 8,000 bears, 2,2000 capercallies, hares, partridges, pheasants.

One of the best red deer populations in the world is in Bulgaria. Among its trophies our country has 4 world records of red deer (including the present one with 273.60 CIC points) and of boars with 158.20 CIC points.

Most of the capital trophies evaluated at over 250 CIC points are Bulgarian.

The newly bred populations of red deer and mountains develop very well, too. Bulgaria ranks second in the world by quality of good trophies. International hunting tourism is a priority of the game and fish enterprise in Bulgaria since it provides good income for their development. It's make tourists become real admirers of the unique Bulgarian nature.

Over 2000-2500 foreign hunters a year go shooting in Bulgaria, a large part of them being traditional visitors in the country. The natural conditions, the strict observance of the Game Law and the Rules for its application, as well the science based game hunting in Bulgaria give hopes that the country will preserve its position of a leader in this field.

Having a game shooting license in Bulgaria provides a possibility of gaining trophies of brown bear, chamois, ibex and capercaillie. Their prices confirm to the international requirements and are reasonable for hunters who value high trophy collections and hunting tourism.

Hunting of wolves, jackals and foxes, pheasants, partidges, pigeons and will ducks is full of emotion. The specialised modern equipment of the forestry enterprise, consisting of over 110 huts and hunter's houses, provides more than 1100 beds and all necessary conditions.

Rafting, Canoeing Kayaking and White Water Rafting

The beauty of rafting is that no previous experience at all is required to experience this exhilarating outdoor sport. Local people are friendly and welcoming, and on camping trips in particular you have the chance for more interaction with the local way of life. The fresh outdoor air blowing in your face as you and your team guide your raft along the winding rivers of cool, raging water - Exhilarating!! Experience the thrill of rafting and the wonders of nature as you enjoy the breathtaking mountain scenery on your trip.

The Struma, Arda and Ossam rivers are especially suitable for the enthusiast in springtime once the mountain snows higher up have melted, and the Stackevska river in the Vratza Mountains offers all the thrills and spills of wild water rafting. The quieter waters of the Danube are particularly suitable for canoeing and kayaking. The River Danube is excellent for canoeing and kayaking.

Bulgaria boosts a abundance of different types of fish, ideal for the freshwater to the deep sea fisherman

There is excellent trout fishing, along with pike, carp and bream, to name but a few in the mountain streams, and comfortable accommodation to be had with the local inhabitants.

Or out on the high seas with local fishermen.


Skiing & Mountains.

Pamporavet 6 million investment by EU
Bulgaria has three mountain ranges. The Stara Planina stretches across the middle of the country from the Yugoslav border in the west to the Black Sea coast in the east. The highest mountains are to be found in the Rhodopi Planina and Pirin Planina in southwest Bulgaria.

The Pamporovo ski resort is situated 1650 m above sea level, at the foot of peak SNEJANKA (1926 m), in the Rhodopes Mountain. It is located in a region for its unique folklore traditions with in 260 km of
Sofia and 85 km of Bulgaria’s second-largest city, Plovdiv.

Pamporovo is the sunniest winter resort in Bulgaria there the winter is soft, but with a lot of snow, and the number of the sunny days during the season from December to May comes up to 120 days.

The resort is set in the south of the Rhodope Mountain where, according to the legend, Orpheus, the mythical singer, had lived. Pamporovo has international popularity. The average January temperature is about 3ÀC. The climate is exclusively healthy and it is no miracle that most of the centenarians in Bulgaria are found in this district.

Pamporovo is a ski-centre for all categories of skiers,it has excellent ski runs including even a racing ski run for giant slalom, as well as a first class built-up ski lift system. There is a ski-school of international category too, with more than 100 highly qualified instructors.

Pamporovo offers scores of scenic routes for seeing the Rhodopes Mountain on foot, as well as opportunities to visit some interesting tourist attractions.

Pamporovo, the pearl of Bulgarian mountain tourism, is the sunniest high mountain resort in Bulgaria. It is located in the heart of Rhodope Mountains, 260 kilometres away from Sofia, the distance to Plovdiv is 85 kilometers to the north and Smolyan is only 15 kilometres away. The resort enjoys more than 240 sunny days a year. Its climate is mild and the influence of the Mediterranean is perceptible. The average annual temperature here is 8.5°Ñ and its blanket of snow in winter is between 140 and 150 cm.

Snow stays between 150 and 200 days a year and makes Pamporovo into paradise for all ski and snowboard maniacs. They can enjoy 17.5 kilometers of Alpine ski runs with different degrees of difficulty, 34 ski runs for long distance skiing, equipped with 6 different seat chair lifts and 13 ski drags with a total capacity of 9,500 people per hour. The central part of the resort is 1,650 m above sea level and the nearest peak Snezhanka is 1,926 metres high.

Pamporovo has no avalanches and no sharp changes in the weather and this guarantees its guests safe and pleasant holidays. Pamporovo, as a part of the Rhodope Mountains is a unique place, famous for its negative air ionisation – something extremely beneficial to your health. Ski runs have different level of difficulties and going down them is an unforgettable experience for both beginners and adept skiers. Highly experienced ski instructors are at the disposal of all who would like to experience the thrills of skiing. If you cannot ski, don't worry! Pamporovo ski–schools are among the best in Europe. Full ski suits of the latest models produced by the best companies in the world are available at the ski and equipment hire centres.

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