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We warmly welcome you to our website where you will find information on Sredets, Burgas, Bulgaria and Investing in Bulgarian Properties. 

In addition to the above you will also be able to find information on shops, bars, restaurants, hotels and accommodation for rent.

We will endeavour to bring you all the latest news and events as we get them.

There is a property for sale Sredets Bulgaria section, that you can go to if you are thinking of buying either a New Home or an investment. Whether you are searching for a villa by the black sea, a mountain ski lodge, holiday house for sale in Sredets Bulgaria, land or apartment in sunny beach we are here to help you find and purchase your“Ideal Home”.

We employ both English and Bulgarian staff creating a balanced interpretation to make buying Property in Bulgaria a pleasant and uncomplicated process, allowing us to find properties for you at the best possible price.

We have professional associates to help you with Mortgages, Legal advice, Currency, and have builders to renovate your older property or build you a new home to your specification.

If you need help or advice please CONTACT US and we will do our best to answer your query.


Tourism Minister Angelkova: Bulgaria is a Safe Holiday Destination, Tourist Season Starts on July 1
The active summer tourist season will start on July 1, Bulgaria’s Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova told BNT’s current affairs show “More from the Day” on May 27.

"We have an extremely clear plan and strategy in this difficult situation, which is unpredictable and unexpected both for the tourism sector, which is directly affected, and for...
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Covid-19 in Bulgaria, April 26: Parks partly re-opened,
Mathematical models suggest that Bulgaria experienced a peak of Covid-19 in early April, which was followed by a decline, while the country is approaching a new peak, operational headquarters chief Major-General Ventsislav Mutafchiyski told a briefing on April 26. According to figures released in an update at 5pm on April 26, the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Bulgaria has...
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Bulgaria’s Government Proposes Extension of the Coronavirus State of Emergency.
Bulgaria’s Council of Ministers on April 1 decided to propose to the Parliament to extend the state of emergency to 13 May 2020. The state of emergency was initially introduced for one month. It was approved by Bulgaria’s Parliament on March 13 as a measure to limit the spread of the new coronavirus. Bulgaria is putting all possible efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19 infection, and...
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State Aid: EC Approves €3.4 Billion Dutch Support to KLM

The European Commission has approved, under EU State aid rules, a €3.4 billion Dutch aid measure consisting of a State guarantee on loans and a subordinated State loan to KLM to provide urgent liquidity to the company in the context of the coronavirus outbreak. The measures were approved under the State aid Temporary Framework adopted by the Commission on 19 March 2020.

Executive Vice-President Margrethe Vestager, in charge of competition policy, said: “KLM plays a key role for the Dutch economy in terms of employment and air connectivity. The crisis has hit the aviation sector particularly hard. This €3.4 billion State guarantee and State loan will provide KLM with the liquidity that it urgently needs to withstand the impact of the coronavirus outbreak. The Netherlands imposed certain conditions on the aid measure with respect to profit allocation, working conditions and sustainability. Very good. Member States are free to design measures in line with their policy objectives and EU rules.”

The Dutch support measure to KLM

KLM is a major network airline operating in the Netherlands. It is part of the Air France-KLM group, in which the Dutch state holds a participation. KLM is the Netherlands' second-largest private employer with over 36,600 employees. KLM is also a very important company for the Dutch economy, as it ensures the connectivity of the Netherlands with many destinations in Europe, with the Dutch regions overseas and the rest of the world. Since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, KLM has also played an essential role in the repatriation of citizens and for the transport of medical equipment.

As a result of the imposition of travel restrictions introduced by the Netherlands and by many destination countries to limit the spread of the coronavirus, KLM has suffered a significant reduction of its services, which resulted in high operating losses.Since the gradual easing of restrictive measures, as of the beginning of June 2020, air passenger traffic is slowly recovering. KLM does not have sufficient liquidity in order to finance the ramp up of its activities. Therefore, the support from the Dutch State is essential to obtain vital liquidity to face this difficult period. The Netherlands has also demonstrated that all other potential means to obtain liquidity on the markets have already been explored and exhausted.

The Netherlands notified to the Commission, under EU State aid rules, an aid measure to KLM to enable the company to mitigate the negative consequences of the coronavirus outbreak. The measure, which has a total budget of €3.4 billion, will take the form of: (i) a State guarantee on loans provided by a consortium of banks, and (ii) a subordinated loan to the company by the Dutch State.

The Commission found that the State guarantee is in line with the conditions set out in the Temporary Framework: (i) the guarantee premium is in line with the conditions under the Temporary Framework, increasing over time to encourage early reimbursement, (ii) the guarantee will be granted before 31 December this year, (iii) the loan backed by the guarantee cannot exceed €2.4 billion and is below the limits of the Temporary Framework, (iv) the maximum duration of the guarantee is 6 years and will not cover more than 90% of the loan backed by such a guarantee, and (v) KLM was not in difficulty on or before 31 December 2019. Safeguards are in place to ensure that the advantage is entirely passed to the beneficiary.

With respect to the subordinated State loan, the Commission found that this measure is also in line with the Temporary Framework: (i) the remuneration is in line with the conditions under the Temporary Framework, increasing over time to encourage early reimbursement, (ii) the loan will be granted before 31 December this year, (iii) the amount of the loan is below the limits of the Temporary Framework, (iv) the maximum duration of the loan is 5.5 years, and (v) KLM was not in difficulty on or before 31 December 2019.

The Commission concluded that the Dutch measure will contribute to managing the economic impact of the coronavirus in the Netherlands. It is necessary, appropriate and proportionate to remedy a serious disturbance in the economy of a Member State, in line with Article 107(3)(b) TFEU and the conditions set out Temporary Framework.

On this basis, the Commission approved the measure under EU State aid rules.

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Entering Greece - Only After a Negative Test for COVID-19

From the morning of July 14, all those wishing to enter Greece through the Promahon border crossing must have a negative test for COVID-19, taken 72 hours before the trip. This is one of the additional measures taken during the meeting of Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis with the line ministers, MIA reported.

Government spokesman Stelios Pezas announced the three decisions adopted during the meeting, which apply to both guests and citizens of Greece, BGNES reports.

Persons entering the Promahon border crossing from 6:00 am on July 14, 2020 are required to show negative results from a molecular test (PcR) for coronavirus performed 72 hours before the trip.

The obligation to complete the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) remains in force, and the minimum time to complete it before arrival in Greece is limited to 24 hours.

The third measure concerns the control of the observance of the measures in the country - dozens of inspection groups are to make more than 300 inspections on the territory of the whole Greece.

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Bulgaria's Foreign Minister Zaharieva: We Should Not Allow Another Closure of EU Borders Again

The EU should adopt common rules on containing  the coronavirus infection. However, we should not allow yet another closure of borders within the Union again. We already lived through this. As a result, thousands of people were stranded and supplies were cut off, Bulgaria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Ekaterina Zaharieva said in Prague.

I arrived in Czechia by flight from Burgas which transported Czech tourists to Bulgaria earlier. I would like to say that Bulgaria is open for Czech tourists and that we have taken all necessary measures to ensure their safety. I also congratulate Czechia for opening its borders for free entry of EU citizens, Minister Zaharieva said further.

Regular Prague-Buras and Prague-Varna charter flights begin today. Bulgaria has coped well with the coronavirus pandemic and it was one of the first countries with which Czechia resumed tourism, this country’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Tomáš Petříček said./BNR

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Tourism Season 2020: Bulgaria's Tourism Minister Angelkova at a Meeting in Sunny Beach

The Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova will meet hotel owners in Sunny Beach. The measures against coronavirus, which are mandatory for accommodation, will be discussed at the meeting.

We also expect a forecast of how the 2020 Season will develop, against the background of the growing number of positive samples and the tightening regime for leaving Bulgaria.


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3000 COVID-19 Tests per Day at Kulata Border Checkpoint, Greece Launches Website for Questions

In connection with the mass testing for coronavirus when entering Greece in recent days, according to Bulgarian embassy in Athens, there is currently no document that makes it mandatory to take samples for COVID-19 from all citizens passing through the border checkpoint "Kulata-Promahon ", Announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to our mission, after talks with the General Secretariat for Civil Protection of the Hellenic Republic, testing for COVID-19 of citizens crossing from Bulgaria to Greece is still not mandatory, but on a selective basis based on the contained in the completed electronic form information. The aim of the Greek authorities at the Kulata-Promahon border checkpoint is to carry out the maximum number of tests every day, which to date is fixed at 3,000 tests. This means that if the number of passengers for a particular day is within 3000, everyone will be tested. If this number is exceeded, not all citizens are tested.

Passengers who have been sampled for COVID-19 at the Kulata-Promahon border checkpoint are instructed to isolate themselves at the address indicated by them on the form for 48 hours. If the test is positive, they will be found at this address by the Greek health authorities for mandatory 14-day quarantine. The Greek State shall bear the costs of staying in a quarantined place, as well as the costs of medical care and hospital treatment, if necessary.

The Bulgarian Embassy in Athens has received assurances from the General Secretariat for Civil Protection of the Hellenic Republic that if Bulgarian citizens with a positive COVID-19 test wish to return to Bulgaria instead of spending the 14-day quarantine period in Greece, they will be allowed to leave immediately without stopping on the territory of Greece until they reach the border. Our advice is that upon arrival on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria they should immediately inform the relevant Bulgarian authorities about the positive test for COVID-19 given by them.

Due to the expected heavy traffic during the upcoming weekend at the Kulata-Promahon border checkpoint, we recommend that Bulgarian citizens who plan to travel to Greece prepare in advance for a possible long wait.

We advise all to carefully read the answers to all questions that may arise before traveling to Greece, on a specially created site: GreeceHealthFirst

There you will find answers to many questions, arranged in the following sections:

1. Can I and how to travel to Greece - by land, air and sea, respectively?

2. Security during your stay in Greece - accommodation, meals, culture and entertainment.

3. What should I do during my stay in Greece in case:

- I have symptoms of COVID-19;

- I have been in contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19;

- in case I am quarantined, who will cover the costs.

4. Passenger Localization Form (PLF), the preliminary completion and receipt of a QR code which is mandatory.

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Finland Lifts Travel Restriction for 17 Countries, Bulgaria Is Not Among Them

Finland on Wednesday lifted all travel restrictions for 17 European countries and allowed work-related travel and other essential trips to several countries on other continents, starting July 13, Trend reports citing Xinhua.

Interior Minister Maria Ohisalo said at a press conference that in the Asia-Pacific area, work-related and other essential travels will be allowed to and from China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and South Korea. Finland will also allow the same type of travel to and from Georgia and several countries in Africa and South America.

Explaining the decision, Ohisalo said that in these countries the daily infection rate did not exceed eight new cases per 100,000 inhabitants over the previous two weeks.

Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto underlined at the press conference the importance of China and Japan for not only Finland's trade but also its tourism industry. Haavisto said that even though now only work-related and other essential travels to and from Asia are allowed, Finland would review the situation again in two weeks' time and may reopen the country to tourism.

As of July 13, Finland will lift all border controls travelers from Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Malta, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland. Finland will also lift all travel restrictions with Cyprus, Ireland, Andorra, San Marino and the State of Vatican City.

However, Finland will maintain restrictions and the recommendation of a 14-day quarantine upon arrival for travelers from 12 European countries. Spain, Britani and France remain under the restrictions, and so will, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Romania, Monaco, Portugal, Poland and Sweden.

Markku Broas, chief infection officer in northern Finland's Lapland Hospital District, cautioned his compatriots against leisure or shopping trips to Sweden. He said that a few infections have now been confirmed in the Lapland area and that half of them have been connected with visits to Sweden./Trend

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Greece: All Travellers Entering the Kulata Border Checkpoint Will Be Tested for COVID-19

Due to infected tourists on the island of Thassos, Greece is introducing testing of all those entering through the Kulata border checkpoint, BNR reports.

A total of 6 cases of tourists infected with coronavirus on the island of Thassos have been registered.

Four of them, who are Serbian citizens, are being held in a quarantine hotel.

The other two, whose nationality is not specified but are believed to be Bulgarians, have been allowed to return to their homeland.

All are young people without symptoms of the infection.

The tests were taken at the border crossing "Kulata".

In connection with the aggravation of the epidemic situation in some Balkan countries, the number of tests of those entering the country through the border checkpoint with Bulgaria is increasing, the Greek authorities announced.

Today, almost 90% of those who have gone through Promahon have been tested.

The traffic in front of this border checkpoint is expected to increase from Friday afternoon and the authorities are ready to test every arriving tourist.

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Greece: Bulgarian Tourists Are Quarantined on the Island of Thassos

Positive samples for coronavirus were given by Bulgarian tourists after PCR tests at the border when entering Greece. Four people are infected, including tourists from Serbia.

Currently, the carriers of the infection, who according to local Greek media have no symptoms of the disease, are quarantined in a special hotel on the island of Thassos.

These are the first cases of sick tourists on the island.

The mayor of Thassos, Mr. Eleftherios Kyriakidis, has already been informed about what is happening. A post on the Facebook page of Thassos.gr Municipality of Thassos states:

We are going through a "different" tourist season for Thassos. For the arriving tourists on the island it is obligatory to observe all measures for protection and correct application of the health protocols. We treat each specific situation calmly and responsibly. "/Novinite.bg


Important: Greece Can Only be Entered Through the Kulata Border Checkpoint

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Bulgaria Air with Additional Flights to Amsterdam, Athens, Zurich, Berlin and Frankfurt

Additional flights will be operated in July and August

The national carrier Bulgaria Air continues to restore its flight schedule, and in July and August it even adds new additional frequencies to its flights to some of the most preferred transfer points in Europe. In the coming weeks, Bulgaria Air will increase its flights to Amsterdam, Zurich, Berlin, Frankfurt and Athens.

The national carrier starts a second morning flight on the route to Amsterdam. The flights will be operated until the end of August, and the days of operation are planned according to the demand of the passengers. The first of them will be on July 17.

From July 18 to the end of August, every Saturday, Bulgaria Air will operate additional flights to Zurich, and from July 23 to August 6 every Thursday there will be a new frequency on the route between Sofia and Berlin. Additional flights to Frankfurt will run from July 25 to August 29, every Saturday morning.

In August, Bulgaria Air launches a new frequency to the beautiful Greek capital Athens. Additional flights will be operated every Monday from August 3 to 24 inclusive. In parallel, the airline continues to operate on the line with its regular frequencies every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and passengers can take advantage of daily flights to Athens and thanks to the codeshare agreement of Bulgaria Air with Aegean Airlines.

Meanwhile, the national carrier has recovered 65% of its frequencies and operates regularly to all domestic and international routes in Europe. The only destinations to which the airline has suspended its flights due to restrictions imposed by local authorities are Russia, Portugal, Israel and Lebanon.

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Greece Closes its Borders to Serbian Citizens Until July 15

In response to the rapid increase of coronavirus cases in neighbouring Serbia, Greece has closed its borders to Serbian citizens from all points of entry until July 15, 2020.

According to Deputy Government Spokesman Aristotleia Peloni, “the government, in cooperation with experts, is closely monitoring and will continue to do so on a daily basis, the development of epidemiological circles in the European Union and in the rest of the world.”

The only exception is for essential reasons.

“The government in cooperation with the responsible services is analysing and evaluating in order for the opening to foreign visitors to Greece to be held without discounts to the public health,” she added.

The reaction of the Serbian government

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić told the Tanjug news agency that from 6am on Monday, Greece will close its borders to Serbia.

“The office of Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has informed the Serbian embassy in Athens that Greece will close its borders to Serbian citizens from tomorrow except for exceptional cases where there will be a special permit,” Dačić told the Serbian news agency.

The Serbian Foreign Minister called on the citizens who planned to travel to Greece not to do so in order not to suffer.

Trade and Tourism Minister Rasim Ljajić told N1 television network that “Greece is closing its borders due to the epidemiological situation in Serbia and given that many Serbian tourists were positive with coronavirus.”

Serbia on Friday implemented preventive measures against COVID-19 after a spike in cases in Belgrade.

Epidemiologist Predrag Kon said “after this week, we can expect that with the implementation of the measures, we will gradually feel the reduction of registered cases.”

Serbia to date has reported 16,131 total cases, resulting in 311 deaths and 13,064 recoveries./Greek City Times

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